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Thank you for your interest in appearing on ‘The Purpose Cycle Podcast’. Having started the podcast only recently, I am extremely grateful for your input to what I hope will become a successful and impactful show over the coming months and years. Up until later life when fruition is replaced by fulfilment. I would like you to think of some anecdotes for the show that involves you going through the following stages: Aspiring to go on a journey to something (career, personally, etc) what external factors made you want to go on this? What internal factors? Realising that the journey may not be as easy as you think, realising the task ahead is a difficult journey and you may need to change/ grow personally. It could be realising that your circle at the time was toxic, realising that the environment you were in was not right for you to achieve your goal. That first step in initiating your dreams. How did you start? How difficult were those first days, weeks, months? What kept you going? What new habits did you begin to form? When you were in full flow building and creating your dreams (you still may be in this phase now), what does/did a typical day look like to you? What parts of the process can you really pick apart and what messages can you pass on? How did these habits pay dividends? What can you envisage from future fruition? Thinking about levelling up to another cycle, what could this be? If you have any further questions let me know. I typically enjoy the candid nature of the show and the conversations that stem from these basic talking points. All I want to know in addition is: What three values do you live by? How can listeners make 2021 their year? I am really looking forward to your appearance on the show; I am also hoping that in the week when the show is due to be released that we are able to collaborate on a short Instagram live session to answer and questions from listeners and engage with followers from both of our accounts. If this is something that you are able to do, I will email with a release week of the podcast and work around our schedules to engage in the discussion. In the meantime, be sure to check out my Instagram page @thepurposeycle and I will speak to you soon! Kindest Regards, Jonathon Tucker

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