The right questions are key in this discovery process: what does the life you dream of look like? What exactly doesn't feel right? With a keen sensitivity and a trained external perspective, I will help you develop your personal vision.

  • Do you feel that you lack 'Purpose'?

  • Have you lost sight of your goals? 

  • Do you lack the self-confidence to take the next step? 

  • Do you long to be more in tune with your life again?

 If such or similar worries weigh down on you, coaching can help you overcome them. Coaching is not about investigating the causes or coming to terms with the past. 

A life coach is not a therapist. Rather, it is about showing you different perspectives and inspiring you to change your life and dare new things – so that you can harness your full potential.

It is important to know that, as a qualified life coach, instead of simply telling you what to do, we will find out what you need to do together in order for you to achieve your goals and regain your sense of motivation and satisfaction.

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