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My name is Jonathon, and I am the founder of The Purpose Cycle.

As an author, podcast host, teacher and independent life coach, I successfully support people in realising their full potential and giving their lives a new direction. I listen, make the problems and concerns that stand in your way tangible, and thereby help you to develop new perspectives. Together we discover your personal road to more success, satisfaction, and strength.



After searching for true belonging for years, I always felt like I missed a sense of purpose. Days would eat me up with procrastination, negative thoughts and a horrendous mental well-being.

I always struggled with low self-esteem, mental health, catastrophisation, insomnia and a general get-up-and-go attitude. This would effect my work ethic, relationships, my finances and my physical health. The front I was putting on to my friends and family was exhausting and something had to change. This was the beginning of The Purpose Cycle, although I would not realise this until a number of years later.

Compartmentalising my life into "seasons" or "stages" gave me a sense of direction and this enabled me to research, strategise and act. Each step I took was calculated to some extent, even if it was a risk, but more importantly I was doing this whilst following my heart knowing that the accumulation of experiences would eventually build a better me.

After almost half a decade of practising what I preach and continuously learning, I was writing a speech for my day job (school teacher) for my class in their leaving assembly. In this speech I wrote down 5 areas of life which they will experience and how they can manage those. This was the birth of 'The Purpose Cycle'.

I hope you find the website useful, on this site you will find information on coaching, my podcast and e-books. Also, don't forget to sign up for my newsletter and check out my blog!


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